Do you believe in life after death? This is a short game that questions you and then reacts on your belief.

This game was made for  a 1 hour game jam so it hasn't been polished but if there is interest I will develop further.


Use arrow keys to move

Left shift to sprint

Space to jump

Y/N yes or no


Fixed controls slightly

Fixed Triggers not resetting when game restarts

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Made withUnity


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Good job for only one hour :)

I unfortunately didn't really understand the "story".


There's no real story involved, it is more of should it be okay to make things harder on someone because they don't share a view and only when they finally agree will it be made easier, unless they decide to continue on and not change their opinion powering through. I guess it was very ambiguous because of the level design too (something to work on in future).

Interesting for sure